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Welcome to my website. I'm an enthusiastic and dedicated software engineer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. As an aspiring professional in the field, I am actively seeking opportunities to further enhance my skills and contribute to exciting projects.

My interests span across various domains, including Investing/FinTech, Health/Fitness, and Gaming. Exploring these areas has not only fueled my curiosity but also shaped my approach to software development. You'll notice the influence of these passions in the portfolio projects I've worked on.

I have a strong foundation in several programming languages and continue to expand my knowledge. These languages have enabled me to build robust and dynamic applications while continuously learning and staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

On this website, I aim to showcase my skills, experience, and project highlights. Feel free to explore and get in touch if you have any inquiries or potential collaboration opportunities. I look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations who share my enthusiasm for software engineering and its endless possibilities.

  • Languages:
    Java, Python, C++, HTML/CSS, SQL, JavaScript
  • Developer Tools:
    Eclipse, VS Code, Intellij IDEA, Anaconda, Android Studio, PyCharm
  • Technologies/Frameworks:
    GitHub, MATLAB, SolidWorks
  • My Portfolio Website
    May 2023
    This website was developed using Html, Css, and JavaScript. This website also uses Polygon.io API to retrieve Market News. Check it out in the Market feed page. As I continue to develop this website, I will use different technologies to create more tools for visitors and continue to expand my knowledge in Web Development.
  • MyMarketScreener Application
    April 2023
    An app developed in Android Studio which is compatible with all android devices and screen sizes. This app uses both Java and Python Libraries to scan through market indices and find stock symbols that fit the criteria of the Golden and Death Cross trading strategies.
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker
    Feb 2022
    A database management system made for others to keep track of their vaccination information via the web. This application allows you to create a record on the database, which includes all of your vaccination information. You can then view, update, or delete it later.
  • UIC Campus GPS
    Dec 2020
    A project created to navigate around the UIC campus in the most optimal time from start to destination. This project uses OpenStreetMap to retrieve information about the streets around UIC via nodes and uses them to find the fastest route to your destination.
  • Bacarrat Game
    April 2019
    A Server/Client program used to host Bacarrat. The user starts with an arbitrary amount of money and can place bets on the Host, Player, or a tie. If the player wins the bet, they will recieve (Their bet * 1.95) in game money.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
    B.S. in Computer Science, earned May 2022
    UIC presented unprecedented scale and diversity of opportunity. My three and half years of phenomenal professors across the disciplines pushed me to expand, challenge, and adjust my worldview.

    During my years at UIC, I connected with incredible individuals from diverse backgrounds who shared my passions and interests. Joining SAE @ UIC in my sophomore year was a turning point. Collaborating with peers from different majors, we worked together to build a Formula One car and compete against other universities. The camaraderie within our group fostered growth, as we shared ideas, expanded our knowledge, and honed our problem-solving skills. SAE @ UIC also provided invaluable networking opportunities, introducing me to like-minded individuals in engineering and innovation. These connections have had a lasting impact on my personal and professional journey. My UIC experience empowered me to thrive in a dynamic community where diverse talents and passions converged, fueling collective success. I am grateful for the enriching encounters and collaborations that shaped my personal and academic growth during my time at UIC.

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